Main Board

Mr Kevin Rochay
Group Chairman & CEO, Rochay Group

Kevin Rochay founded the group in 1996.
Occasionally Mr Rochay will be involved in the acquisition of an off-market asset for Rochay Elite’s global members, often only in excess of $250million.

Mr Nicholas Baker
Deputy Chairman, Rochay Group

Nicholas Baker is deputy chairman of Rochay Group, CEO of Rochay Elite with a member base comprising of 52% of the Global Rich List and 84% of the UK Rich List and he is also Editor-in-Chief for Rochay Elite Magazine. He has managed several media based companies in the last 30 years within the Publishing, MultiMedia, Consumer Entertainment and Audio/Visual industries, working with global brands from Dun & Bradstreet and Financial Times to BBC, Sony, Lucas Arts and luxury brands such as Rolls-Royce, Holland & Holland, Graff Diamonds, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bombardier and Monaco Yacht Show, to name but a few.

Ms Ellora Harper
Chief Marketing Officer

Having already had direct access and built relationships with many of Rochay Elite’s Multimillionaire and Billionaire members having started with the company in 2012 Ellora has worked her way up the ladder and is now Group CMO oversees both the Rochay Elite Members experience when dealing with the team, the off-market acquisitions and intimate gatherings at dinners and Soirees.